What to bring

(courses held in Dhamma Mahi)


Please bring : a pillowcase, a fitted sheet for the mattress (IMPORTANT: some mattresses mesure 200 X 90 cm, so either bring a fitted sheet of that size or a flat sheet), and a top sheet or a duvet cover.

We provide : Each bed is equipped with a mattress with its protective cover, a pillow size 45X70 cm with its protective cover, and a duvet.

Please don't bring : ANY SLEEPING BAG.



Please bring : your own towel, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, unscented deodorant, shaving equipment, sanitary supplies, etc.

Please don't bring : any perfumes or strongly scented toiletries.



Please bring : simple clothes, limited in number. Note that Dhamma Mahi is a rural property, and it is advisable to bring some waterproof clothing at all times of the year, an umbrella, outdoor shoes and slippers.

Please don't bring : Modest clothes are required, therefore tight, transparent, revealing and conspicuous clothing are proscribed. This includes shorts, short skirts, tights, stockings and sleeveless shirts. Trousers and skirts should be calf-lenght or lower when sitted.

Please note :  you will need enough warm and comfortable clothing for the duration of your stay. Note that only basic hand-washing facilities are available at the centre. Washing powder and a clothes line are provided.


Meditation cushions / shawl

We provide meditation cushions and blankets.

Please bring : your own cushion or blanket if you prefer to use them.


Useful extras

Please bring: A torch and a travel alarm clock (optional).

Please don't bring : mobile phones or personal organisers to be used as alarm clocks.