An introduction to Anapana Meditation as taught by S. N. Goenka: Courses for children, adolescents and young adults

Courses for children, adolescents and young adults at Dhamma Mahi are held in French only!

Meditation classes are organized for children (8-11 years), adolescents and young adults (12-18 years) at the Vipassana meditation center, Dhamma Mahi. Generally, these courses are residential and take place over three days. One day courses are also offered at other sites (including Dhamma Nilaya).

During the course, students learn the Anapana meditation technique that was taught by the Buddha. This technique is devoid of any sectarian or religious character.

The aim of this course is to enable young people to experience the benefits of meditation. The  rewards (benefits) of a regular Anapana practice are:

  • better memory and better concentration,
  • the development of the faculties of awareness and attention,
  • strengthened self-confidence,
  • a greater capacity for work and study,
  • greater kindness towards others.

The technique

Anapana consists in observing natural, normal breathing, as it enters and exits through the nostrils. It is a simple technique that helps to calm and concentrate the mind.

In addition, Anapana brings young people to a better understanding of themselves and how their mind works. They learn to master their impulses and actions, and develop an inner strength that helps them to choose right and appropriate actions rather than wrong (immoral, inappropriate) actions. Anapana is a tool for them to manage the agitation, fears, anxieties and tensions of childhood and the transition to adulthood.

Course Schedule

Young people commit themselves to a moral code of conduct for the duration of the course, which provides a solid foundation for their meditation. They listen to audio recordings with instructions and speeches from the teacher, S. N. Goenka. The day is marked by alternating meditation sessions of half an hour with creative and physical activities.

A Children's Course Teacher (CCT) conducts the meditation sessions and gives individual instructions or advice whenever necessary.

Parents and other volunteers assist in the organization of the course, supervise young people, ensure their comfort and organize many recreational or artistic activities between meditation sessions

See course schedule (depending on duration).

S.N. Goenka

S. N. Goenka is considered one of the most  reputed meditation teachers in the world. He began teaching Vipassana classes in India in 1969, and in other countries in 1979. From then on, he conducted hundreds of ten-day courses and appointed over 1,200 assistants, teaching Vipassana courses in centers and leased sites around the world. The children's Anapana program began in 1986 and has involved thousands of young people in India and around the world.

Course Financing

In keeping with the tradition of Vipassana, all courses are free. All expenses are covered by the gifts of those who have participated in a complete course and having personally experienced the benefits of meditation, wish to offer others the same opportunity. With this in mind, children and parents can make a donation at the end of the course if they wish.

Youth comments

The courses are very popular with young people. Their comments often mention the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the meditation center.

Even after a single course, many of them were able to express just how soothing and pacifying the practice of Anapana was to their mind (inner self).

Here are some comments from young people:

  • I have a new understanding of how life can be beautiful ... It's a wonderful place that made me very happy.
  • I learned very quickly to concentrate and not to get upset. This should really help me in my daily life and at school. Overall, it was an experience  during which I learned a lot.
  • I have acquired the skill of relaxing and calming my mind. I learned a lot ! Thank you ! ! ! Anapana is great and I really enjoyed this course.
  • I feel that I have moved my concentration forward and it will help me later in life. I really enjoyed this one-day meditation course and I recommend it to everyone  so that they too get the benefits of this technique.
  • What I liked was to feel relaxed and calm for once, and to learn to meditate. The food was really good and the breaks arrived at the right time to better concentrate during the meditations.
  • I feel I have learned to control myself better and it has been a good experience. The atmosphere was also very good. And we had a lot of fun.
  • I feel that everything has cleared up in my mind and I feel calm.

Parents also shared the benefits of meditation and the transformations they observed in their child.

Registration for Youth and Children

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Register for service

To serve, you must have attended at least one 10-day Vipassana course as taught by SN Goenka. To register, go to the calendar by clicking here, then click "To serve (adults only)" in the date row that suits you. It is also possible to commit to the long-term with the children’s course team, click here to know more.

Anapana meditation guided by S.N. Goenka (10')

This session is meant for children having already attended a 1, 2 or 3 day Anapana course.