Information for Adults

Information for Adults

Do I have to give my consent for my child to attend a course?

During the application process, parents/guardians are required to complete a form giving their consent for their child to participate in a course.


How do I apply to serve on a course?

Adults who wish to serve on a course must, as a minimum requirement, have successfully completed at least one ten-day Vipassana course as taught by S.N. Goenka.

See the link labelled “Apply” in the left-hand column here.


Is it possible to organise a course in my area?

One-day courses can be organised at a suitable rented site such as a school, a village hall or a community centre.

A course venue should be quiet and removed from any other activities taking place in a given location, so there is minimum distraction to the students. There should be space inside for meditation, somewhere for the students to eat, and a space for indoor creative activities. It is also good to have space, either indoors or outdoors, for games and physical activities.

In special cases it may be possible to organise a three-day residential course.

Should you want to explore the idea of organising a course, contact by email at: [email protected].