Code of conduct for children’s, adolescents’ and young adults’ courses

Anapana instruction is something very precious because it has numerous benefits. Practicing Anapana trains your mind to be more concentrated and calmer. Your mind becomes stronger and this makes you more capable of avoiding doing actions or making remarks that are likely to hurt yourself or others. This strength of mind will help you feel happier and more peaceful.

To get the most benefit from the practice of Anapana, it is important for you to respect the code of conduct set out at the bottom of this page. By attending this Anapana course, you must make a personal commitment to respect these rules, because they establish the foundations of your practice and are made so that you don't do or say anything that could disturb other children or disrupt the atmosphere of the course.

On your enrolment form, at the bottom of the page, you will be asked if you agree to follow this code of conduct. Signing it means that you commit yourself to following the code of conduct.


I agree to follow the Five Precepts during the course.

I will abstain from killing
I promise to try to treat all beings with kindness and not to kill or hurt them

I will abstain from stealing
I promise only to take that which is given to me and to take nothing from anyone without permission.

I will abstain from behaving badly
I promise to treat boys and girls as if they were my brothers or my sisters or my best friends.

I will abstain from lying, being malicious or slanderous, which would hurt others
I promise to tell the truth, to speak kindly and not to lie or say hurtful things to anyone or about anyone.

I will abstain from taking intoxicants
I promise not to take alcohol, drugs or intoxicants, but to keep my mind clear.

I promise to do my best to follow the instructions which are given during the course.

I agree not to enter the girl's dormitory, if I am a boy, or the boy's dormitory, if I am a girl. 

I agree not to enter other children's bedrooms after 21:00 (9 pm). 

I agree not to bring food or drink into my bedroom. 

I agree not to bring with me during the course any item mentioned on the list in the confirmation letter: toys, footballs, food or drink, electronic games, books, mp3 players, mobile/cell phones, tobacco, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes. 

I agree to follow the timetable and to take part in all the meditation sessions and all activities. 

I agree not to practice contact sports such as football, rugby, wrestling etc. during the course.