Serving children courses

If you are curious, and interested in  serving a children’s course, contact us, as we are assembling a team of servers who would like to get involved.  Of course, this will be in accordance with your knowledge, desires and availability.

Preparation is required at several levels:

  • The manager of the center is responsible for logistics.
  • The teachers of the courses (CCT = children's course teacher) ensure the teaching and the preparation of the creative activities and sports.

Since the number of children and young adults who register is growing,  we are naturally thinking of expanding and retaining a management team. Interested persons would undertake the support and organization of courses in the long term.

Given the number of important tasks to be accomplished shortly before each course, the children's teachers would be happy to welcome such Dhamma servants into the team.

Many materials (paints, sculpture, drawing, beads, etc.) and games designed specifically for these meditation courses for children are already available. And you can propose new activities once they have been validated by the team of teachers.

It is not necessary to be an  entertainment specialist -  just to want to commit to the long term and enjoy working with children and young people: a group of people who take turns during the year according to their availability would be ideal.

The team of teachers for children will study all propositions. Coming to serve one of the next courses would allow you to discover the functioning of a course and its activities,  unless you have already served a children’s course

If you have any questions, you can contact the children's course team by email: [email protected].

Welcome to the next course!